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Think Space | inVERT Ground

– Since early days of humanity, tower of Babel has been a symbol of human arrogance and greed for power. Creating symbols of our power, challenging gods and fighting battles against something that we do not understand is in our nature from the beginning of time. And throughout the legends, when we are closest to achieving this power, we are brought down and shown how insignificant we are for the universe.And time after time, it seems that we forget these lessons of humility and continue on our ways of egoistic achievements and enforcing our perceived power.

– In our times, humanity i sagain challenging something far greater then itself, the nature. We are creating sprawling cities and blistering towers symbolizing our power, content in our superiority. We are destroying everything that has lost its value for us or is standing between us and economic gain. We started a never-ending process of building and destroying so we could build some more. Our uncontrollable usage of resources, our recklessness towards environment, our destruction of ecosystems and species is creating problems that we cannot begin to comprehend. All that is on our mind is demonstrating our power and satisfying our every need.

– Throughout the landscape, there are large scars in the ground created by human exploitation. To fuel our uncontrollable expansion, we destroyed everything that was in our way. Large mineshafts dot the landscapes that once were rainforest and striving ecosystems, and now are stripped of any useful resources, abandoned, barren monuments of our greed and symbols of our recklessness.

– We could use these locations as a way to start to amend ourselves, to try to go back to the roots and to the nature. We could start the practice of using those spaces to learn, to create new perspectives / new architecture from places of destruction or by letting nature destroy things that we do not need anymore. These spaces could be a Babel tower inversed, a monument of humanity’s understanding of its egoism, of its destructive ways and a way to express its humility towards nature. These locations could be symbols of humanity going back to its roots, to living in harmony with nature. These sites of former destruction of nature could have a new life as settings of natures taking over, reclaiming human buildings and showing us its own power of creation trough destruction. Using these locations, adding points of interest and then letting nature destroy it and create something new from it could be an amazing thing to behold.

– Transforming former mines into locations could change our perspective, it could teach us that we are just a small part of a larger system, it could be a start of a new practice of using
everything, and not just relying on destruction to fuel our expansion.Giving perspectives both from the top of the mine looking down, giving us power to see everything and to feel our power, looking at the big picture of the power of destruction and creation, and looking from the bottom of the mine, understanding the relations between us and the nature, reflecting on our actions, could make us see our place in this world. Seeing a hanging tree, ripped from the ground and in contrast to the sky above could make us see that every process of destruction is a form of creation, and that those two are linked by a bond that may not always be visible, but that is there not the less.

– These locations could be hanging gardens of our age, expressing our efforts to let nature create a paradise from our own mistakes. We are putting gardens/ nature/ above ourselves, between us and the sky/ between us and the symbol of our aspirations and limits/ sky is the limit/. This humble perspective can be a unique experience in today’s world of high-rises, expensive towers and modern architecture that makes us feel powerful and self-content.

– Starting from a form of Babel tower, the symbol of human striving for heavens and its recklessness to its environment, and choosing to declare an opposite to it, we see a shape of a mine in the ground. This link is such a strong connection, especially if used as a form of humility and letting ourselves see our place in this world. Both forms are interconnected with spirals, universal symbol of infinity and divinity and yet so similar to a form so closely related with human destruction– a mining drill…


Architecture & Research


Abandoned Mines




Think Space, Croatia

Project team

Jovana Miletic / Miloje Krunic / Aleksandar Copic / Nikola Protic

Competitions, Urbanism