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Tempelhof #sinestezia

Old New Berliner apartment.


Subject apartment is located on south center of the city, a block west from the Tampelhof airport park, in a residential part of this city area. It is situated in an old apartment building entirely kept in its original state, on the 4th floor, right below the attic. Surrounding is entirely residential, quiet, enclosed by one way streets. Parking spaces are organized on a side of the streets. There is wide Tampelhof park in close range, which makes this area very comfortable for living.

Structure and visualization

The apartment is formed by merging two one bedroom apartments in one. This way new formed apartment is three bedrooms apartment, with two bathrooms and balcony, 138.50 sqm surface with 5.44 sqm balcony area.

Orientation is on both side of the building, west-east, so it is illuminated by the sun for entire day.

The apartment is divided on two zones; living area and sleeping area. The zones are organized so the living area is oriented to face the street and this is less favorable for the sun illumination but far more convenient when the view is imperative. With this organization of spaces living area has exit to the balcony from the kitchen.

Sleeping area is oriented to face the inner courtyard what makes this rooms quieter and more suitable for private activities.

These two areas are divided by long hallway which extends across the almost full width of the apartment, connecting all spaces in the apartment and ending with utility room.  In the side walls are integrated wardrobe closet, coat hangers and shoe storage.

Living zone

Living zone is formed of living room, kitchen with exit to the balcony and utility room. Kitchen is organized to provide functionality and comfort in daily activities. Dining table is set in middle of the kitchen so every detail is focused to suit family with two small children. Style is modernized old Berliner style which combines original old elements, existing elements of the architecture that are encountered on the spot (renovated) and completely new and modern elements of furniture and decoration.  Main color is white with warm white surfaces and wooden movable furniture.

Living room is open to the hallway and kitchen through the wide openings in the walls so that activities can fluidly move from one ambient to another, making them easy to integrate. Client desire for the living room was that it can be easily transformed and open to all the different activities of one family (TV watching, gathering, piano playing, kids play…). Style is same as in the kitchen, old Berliner style combined with new and modern. Space is white in contrast with rustic wooden floor, entirely kept renovated original old.

Sleeping zone

Sleeping zone is divided in four bedrooms: master bedroom with bathroom, two kids room and guest room, lined one after the other, oriented toward the inner courtyard.

Master bedroom is not too big, suitable for sleeping and minimal use for other activities but is very stylish in design. It has hint of old style in doors, ceiling detail and form of space, but very rough and industrial in use of materials and space structure. Walls and furniture are white but floor is in concrete, in contrast to soft shapes of old. On one side of the room is open shower facing window across the room, with concrete covered walls and rain shower from the ceiling. Room is connected to the small master toilet all covered in concrete and black mosaic tiles, which with master bedroom forms ambient unity.

Next in line is small guest/work room. It is not too spacious but is organized so that it can be comfortably used for work, with long desk on one side of the room. In wider area of the room is two-seat sofa-bed which can be used for sleeping. This room also can be used as a TV room. Style is contemporary, minimal and white.

Kid’s rooms are thematic in design.

Older kid’s room is in Star Wars style with bunk bed in shape of spaceship chamber with dark wall on the back with print of Death Star. Other walls are covered with heroes from the movie. Space is simple with wide area for play.

Baby room is in African jungle theme, warm and full of cutlery suitable for babies.

In between of these two rooms is big bathroom. It is totally old style, with handmade glazed tiles, modern bathroom sink on top of old chest of drawers, freestanding bathtub. Toilet is in the back of the bathroom, elevated and separated by short wall, to provide privacy. Lightning is old style combined with two LED stripes in the ceiling.






Berlin, Germany









Project team

Ivana Nenkovic /Jovana Miletic / Julija Jovanovic / Milan Grubanov

Interior design
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