Jovana Miletic | Architect | PulSavica
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CHALANGE: In the neighbourhood there is no place where people can hang-out and gather.
RECOGNITION: Ramp next to the meadow, in the heart of the different pedestrian paths. The meadow is used by children to play football. Aroun ramp there are 16 trees; area is well lighted, safe and with great potential.
SOLUTION: Find the place that is familiar to residents of the Trnje, add different functions and watch neighbourhood becomes active.
– How this acupuncture gives energy to the neighbourhood? It inspires people to build their own place – new place to sit, play, create…
– Which process activated location? Start the additions to inspire additions. The residents in the area finish the process, instead of getting the completed product.
– How is project participated? – It is based on two levels. Level one is recognition of the place that is already active and have potential for extension. Level two is activation of residents to participate.
– Sand square – concrete frame with sand in it.
– Wooden square – wooden pallet
– Concrete square – concrete slab, aprox 120×120 cm.


Urban design


Savica, Zagreb, Croatia




City Acupuncture

Project team

Messo: Lana Barac / Luka Cindric / Larisa Cisic / Dijana Dimitrievska / Jovana Miletic / Vilma Stopfer / Aleksandar Velinovski / Dasa Spasojevic

architecture, city acupuncture, daz, design, landscape design, square, zagreb