Jovana Miletic | Architect | Mekenzijeva Street Redesign
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Mekenzijeva Street Redesign

Idea of open and equally accessible space to each and every potential user is realized by overlaying different spotted and planned paths through the location and their translation into the urban solution of this area. The area that connects zone of intervention becomes place of gathering, being and communication.

Continuity and significant length, as one of the main characteristics of the area, are pointed out with strips which flow, uninterrupted, making this area one with specific visual identity, unified on the whole length of the area. This principle is used to point out specific characteristic of urban zone, which are added and which finishing varies – grass, paving, light in horizontal as well as vertical plan. Concept like this offers great possibilities of different expressions while walking, as well as playfulness of the form with dynamics and leveling of the area.
Stripes, free in form and spatial disposition are placed on the where access points are expected. This way we manage to create new landmarks in this part of the city.

Integrated in the surrounding green areas, stripes lose their physical borders and they are being transformed into open-space. Connecting the elements of the greenery and activities have higher goal in mind – integration of designed activities into the natural environment of Čuburski park, as the highest ground of the location – the peak.




Belgrade, Serbia






Vracar Municapility, Belgrade

Project team

Jovana Miletic / Marko Vukovic / Nebojsa Stevanovic

Competitions, Urbanism