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Masmi Office Design



In accordance with slogan and lightmotive of the company for whitch this office was done, the need occured for inovative and fresh aproach, where implementation of existing elements of furniture in to the new office was needed. With minimum intervention there was specific request to create office space with personal identity. The idea was to create spaces that are unique, determinated with client demands, regarding office users, in accordance with predefined pattrens determinated by designers. This way, the fragments are created witch are personal, yet again connected in the ONE and one corporate identity. An extra step towards personalisation of the space was sugestion that every office has it’s own unique name, motivational, yet formal. The employees greeted this suggestion and put some extra effort to find that ONE word that define who they are and in the same time what they do. FRESH, PULSE, VIEW, EXPAND, SHINE, SMART are words which are in a very short notice manage to create working atmosphere where employee becomes one with the office.


RE-USE – One of the main guide lines was intention that space that was built in one period of time, in the nineties, with clearly emphasised elements from this period, be re-defined with something that will make it up-to-date and that will give modern expresion. Therefore we aim to create place that will be trendy as well in visual impresion as in the working conditions.


Spatial disposition is placed in the manner that treats hallway as backbone of the office. It is possible to access each and every office from the hallway, yet offices themselves are not connected. Considering the fact that this office don’t have any antre or foyer, hallway was treated like the meeting point, place of side stepping, passing… Place which creates our first impression about something and/or someone.


Walls and ceilings are painted in black, as well as the existing wall-mounted downlighters, which are restaurated and kept. In the combination with brass-toned aluminium as well as big glass surfaces, the space looks dynamic, in the meantime hallway creates scenography for all evenet that take place in the space.


Bundles of network cabels, electrical instalations, lightning cables as well as binors, created industrial-looking effecet, therefore offices and space are transformed into the little factory of the ideas and new aproaches in the market research.


Office Interior Design


Belgrade, Serbia






Masmi DOO


Unknown Studio

Project team

Jovana Miletic / Miloje Krunic

Interior design
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