Jovana Miletic | Architect | HN Guest House and Summer Kitchen #sinestezia
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HN Guest House and Summer Kitchen #sinestezia

Project description

Buildings are located in old town of Herceg Novi, between beach and Kanli tower, oriented towards south and bay. Originally structure was only ground-level high, made of stone. Thirty years ago, 1st story was added and in 2014. it was reconstructed. Intervention included adaptation of guest house and old summer kitchen into new, unique space with spa-zone. Connection between these two physically separated functions is made with spatial frames, which find their origin in morphology of the surrounding area. Frame is used as mean of transformation old into new. It creates identity as well as continuality of singular structures. Open/closed border is lost, frames become part of the interior and interior is one with the surroundings. Frames are various in dimensions. They are made of steel, with idea that they will be covered in green in years to come. Frames are surrounded with plants of various kinds – kiwi, agave,… Frames are used as mean of integrating structures and open leisure areas.

Guest house /Vila 5/

The guest house used to be classical one-story high family house with gable roof. It became attractive with new continual flashing made of dark sheet metal, that give her identity. All important elements of former house are kept – wooden shutters, stone frames around windows and doors, patinated copper medals, two entrances /main and secret one/. In interior, stone wall was reconstructed in the way that points out seminal ambient of the coastal house. Sand colors and similar are dominant in the whole space. Furniture of the living area is made as integral part of the wall. Created with reduced form and materialization in wood and stone, structure now have new identity, identity with modern lines. Building, in compact house morphology have living room, two bathrooms, three bedrooms in total area of 50 + 50 sqm. Balcony with view toward main house, Villa Danila and towards sea is situated on the south and west of the 1st story. Moldings that are used to process entrance, fences, pillars… are put together in the way that creates unique and unbreakable unity. With minimal intervention and investments it was sought toward maximal effect.

Summer kitchen

The summer kitchen with spa area is located in the old outbuilding, sunken on one side, while on the other side it is completely open towards yard and house. With almost magical wind breeze space is always cool, even on hottest summer days. Summer kitchen is consisted of kitchen, dining area and leisure area. On the other hand, spa zone is consisted of hydro-massage bath, massage table and sauna. Interior is raw and powerful.

Hunting lodge /project in the phase of development/

This project consists of parking lot and annex of existing ground-level structure. Because of the morphology, structure is one-side buried, so from the street level the only visible part is parking lot, covered with greenery. With reduced lines and wood/stone materialization, structure gained new, modern, identity. Segmenting of the front facade, on three different plans creates specific ambient in interior – fissure and intrusion of the light.


House Adaptation


Herceg Novi, Montenegro









Project team

Ana Zatezalo Schenk / Ivana Nenkovic / Julija Jovanovic / Jovana Miletic / Milan Grubanov