Jovana Miletic | Architect | DUPLA (EKS) POZICIJA : Double (ex)positure
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DUPLA (EKS) POZICIJA : Double (ex)positure

While reflections of the water smoothly play their infinite game, I watch well-known silhouette of the Old Town. I stoped on the new building which reflects the surrounding and wipe-clean borders between nature, sky…

I watch paradigm of photography and double exposure in the spatial manifesto – landscape and cityscape framed with silhouette and clear lines that forms the building.

Existance. Here and there. On the same, yet on the totaly different place. I watch structure that has double (ex)position.

…Following the river flow, my  thoughts drift as well. Series of the waves and vortexes lead me to the one goal. As a silent voyeur, I watch the place and space that defines them-selves – game of the materials, lights and reflections – I witness omage for the old building, reflected in the new resident of their old street.They become a part of the regular , yet so changeable exibition.  As time passes, everything there remains the part of the regular exibition, galery becomes the monument of one era that still lasts, and just like the era, it does not have clear lines that define it. It does not have clear silhouette which can be described as it’s – it belongs to everyone. To trees, street, to surrounding buildings, sky… To city. To People. Galery disappears and appears again in the eye of the pedestrian, while he rushes towards his destination.

While I slowly walk away from the galery, it becomes so clear that before exhibiting any object, before becoming host, galery exhibits it-self. It represents it-self through the communication of conflict and through the duality of Old and New, from the place where Old Town silently whatches Newer one. Galery represents exhibition of duality, city of duality… Belgrade.


Competition, building


Kosancicev venac, Belgrade, Serbia






City of Belgrade




Unknown studio

Project team

Jovana Miletic, Irena Veljovic, Mina Stevic, Miloje Krunic

3d visualisation

Milan Grubanov

architecture, competition, design, dizajn enterijera, enterijer, furniture, furniture design, interior, interior design, konkurs, unknown studio