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I am sitting on a dock, and looking to an island, the closest thing I could experience to a situation like this. Suddenly it comes to my mind – all these years of  isolation turned that pretty island into fortress of solitude…

My thoughts wonder in the matrix of thing I saw and experienced, pictures, noises, smells…  In front of my eyes island becomes totally different fortress. Fortress of knowledge. I am looking at the souls of those who were there, and they form pillar like structures to support generations to come. Pillars like those you can see across the see, at Venice, in all of their beauty. Forming paths, forming visures and become Genius Loci. Creating rifts between present and the past, and mixing it into sour-sweet taste of reality. They become what guides you, what shelters you, and those covered in mirror help you to understand yourself and what’s around.

As my approaching is coming to an end, I am able to see some old buildings covered with glass, like huge glass boxes, that shelter them from decay, and in them those old buildings are liking even more monumental, while they transparent shield proudly glimpse in the sun.

I am finaly able to understand that pillars have different disposition on the island, they are rarely present in the buildings, rather they surround them, define them, support them. They become what defines old buildings, as well as new ones – they communicate with everyone and everything through shadows, sounds and spatial manifestation.

In front of me, new structures are forming – concrete, glass and wood are standing here like a proud defenders of this little island. Monumental, yet opened and welcoming, transparent, not covered with veil of mystery. And all those people around me, they seem friendly, they seem glad to be hereas much as I am. Friendly “hello” while I continue my journey. All of the sudden I am all alone. I look around me – no ones there, only silence…The rift of the past is opened, and I’m in the “museum of silence” all alone with my thoughts, looking, wondering… I’m looking at the “exhibition of nothing” made for audience for one…

The day is slowly coming to an end, dusk colors sea and sky, and I’m leaving… One more look at the island and I see light pillar shining from the octagon, like a representation of new beginning, like a manifesto of hope. Like a silent reminder that this island is live and well again.

While my thought still wonder on that isle the boat is slowly riding away…



Restauration : Adaptation : New buildings


Poveglia, Venice, Italy







Project team

Jovana Miletic, Miloje Krunic, Aleksandar Copic, Irena Veljovic

architecture, design, dizajn enterijera, enterijer, furniture, furniture design, interior, interior design, unknown studio