Jovana Miletic | Architect | D12 interior design #sinestezia
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D12 interior design #sinestezia

CONTINOUS SPACE : over the ceiling since there is continuity in day zone in the apartment, the concept was to enhance a long line of activities and unify them through the structure in space, with the same motiv. these elements are lines in the ceiling which are cut in the gypsum board, subtle, expressing itself as shadow. lines follow openings in the walls, move around them in order to pass through. finaly when they reach the end of the kitchen, they interflow down over the front of the kitchen cabinet.

RESPECT FOR TRADITIONAL : digging for the old : continued search for brick walls, painted in white, conservation of the existing, original floor is kept, desaturated, matte

INTEGRATING THE NEW AGE : highlighting the old with modern tools we are using the same treatment for the brick wall by illuminating it with same LED linear light hidden in the suspended ceiling framing the nonexisting doors : all the doorways in the apartment are kept along with their original looks. openings without doors are treated as a new item in order to create a contrast between the past and the present. not to adapt to the old style, but to add small but agressive modern moves

COMUNICATION BETWEEN SPACES : connections : the connecting lines move over the ceiling, all the way through the three day zone areas / here is visible how lines over the ceiling move in the space, integrating into wall and passing through into next room

ACCENTUATION : gallery effect : There are just two paintings on the blank white wall, accented with two linear lights in width of a painting

INTERGRATING THE NEW AGE : framing the nonexisting doors. On the entrance to the kitchen and dining area, where the doors are removed, a strong architecural element in form of a black metal frame, made the impression of erasing the wall above the passage.


Interior, Adaptation


Belgrade, Serbia











Project team

Ana Zatezalo Schenk, Ivana Nenković, Julija Jovanovic, Jovana Miletic, Milan Grubanov


Relja Ivanic

Interior design
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